Cornish - Kernewek

Stephen Gadd

How long have you spoken the language for? 
SG : 10 years 

Why is it important to you to be able to speak Cornish? 
SG : It’s a British language, it’s a European language and part of Cornwall's heritage, and its important to maintain those.

How do you feel when you speak in Cornish? 
SG : Sometimes quite sad, because there's so much emotion wrapped up in what the language means to me and what it could mean to Cornwall, but often doesn’t, there can be a lot of emotive weight in it. 

How does the future look for the language? 
SG : Mixed, there's not a lot of political will in central government to support it, if anything the opposite, without wanting to get too political Europe was a good friend of the Cornish and the language, on the positive side more and more people are taking the exams each year, so there remains new blood entering into the language movement. 

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This is a reading of William Bodinar's letter from 1776, William was one of the last speakers of old Cornish

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