To See And Be Seen

Our visual identities are complex works, greater than the clothing we wear, they are formed through our physical attributes, our accessories, even the way we carry ourselves. This project was borne from a joy of witnessing expression. Having recently lived through a time of enforced mass isolation, a period when interacting in a public space was forbidden, it feels that freedom of expression and the desire to be seen is more important than ever.
Fashion can be used as language to share who we are with society, finding connections in kindred spirits, and just as importantly, stating who we are not. There is a dichotomy with the creation of our corporeal self: the conforming to current, sometimes homogenized styles that helps us integrate, and the clear desire to be unique, forging a render of who we feel we are.
The portraits in this project exemplify this, their appearances are compelling, asking, whether intentionally or not, to be seen. The subjects were all photographed with minimal direction, their chosen poses adding to their projection of self, and the diversity of styles alludes to the nature of Soho. As a result, the set of images speaks as much about Soho as an area, as it does about the imagination and diversity of identities one can encounter.
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