The Thursday Drop

Proven masters at building desire and a seemingly unrelenting market for their creations, Supreme are synonymous with hype. Does the brand make the hype or does the hype make the brand? Either way this question feels irrelevant, Supreme’s momentum feels unstoppable. Every Thursday a new wave of products is ‘dropped’, stock is strictly limited, and potential buyers have limited options on how to obtain this week’s most wanted items. Winning the weekly lottery and being granted a place in the hour-long Thursday queue, competing against bots online via the web store or paying multiple times the retail value on the street are the main methods of acquisition.
These portraits concentrate on the people who place significant importance on owning, collecting, and wearing the clothing (and various other items) produced by Supreme. From the outside it can appear to be a mix of marketing genius leading to unrelenting 'hype' and an unhealthy consumerist obsession. However, spending time with the committed 'Thursday Drop' crowd presents another view, one that speaks of admiration of the brands talents for collaboration and the sense of being part of something through ownership, and playing an integral role in the formation of their visual identity.
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