A Document Of Public Communication

In August 2017 British Telecom announced they were going to remove 20,000 phones boxes from throughout the UK in the next 5 years which is around half of all remaining installations, citing that usage has declined by more than 90% in the last decade. Around a third are used only once a month with many never being used at all. Due to the rise in mobile phone usage and BT's reduction plan, it seems reasonable to assume that the iconic red phone box will be extinct from the public domain in the near future, with only a few re-appropriated boxes existing as cafe's or art installations.

The aim of this project was to document a dying form of public communication; to create a visual historical record in a geographical context. Clearly many phone boxes are used for things other than making calls, they have become something closer to civic closets, often providing a completely enclosed environment, they provide a private space in the communal sphere, but still retain the ability to display to the public.

Click a phone box to view inside.

020 7287 5265

020 7287 9738

020 7734 8455

020 7437 3349

020 7434 1549

020 7734 8448

020 7734 8454

020 7437 4290

020 7439 0236

020 7287 2735

020 7637 5972

020 7734 5035

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