Scottish - Gàidhlig

With Eilidh Oliver

How long have you spoken the language for?
EO : As long as I’ve been able to speak. 

Why is it important to you to be able to speak Gaelic?
EO : I think to me English is just a language, but Gaelic is the thing that makes me who I am, that connects me to my people and my country and without I could be from anywhere else. 

How do you feel when you speak in Gaelic?
EO : I think the best way to describe it is at ease, so I know all the social conventions I don’t have to ever second guess myself, I am just myself.  

How does the future look for the language?
EO : I think this is quite a difficult question, I would like to say its super hopeful, but I think there would have to be a lot of changes, particularly in the sort of teenage and young adult group in terms of education and opportunities, that don’t exist at the moment.  

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This is a reading of Sorley MacLean's poem "Latha Foghair"

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