About The Landscapes

Comprised of multiple layers of information, the objective of these landscapes is to address the notion of contradiction. Taken from around the UK the landscapes primarily represent the environment and in a broad sense the country. Consciously made less overt, they are also locations that have been adversely affected by climate change, and for some, the consequence of further climate breakdown would result in damage on a far wider scale. The application of oil provides the visceral link to the fossil fuel industry, and exists as a highly recognizable symbol of pollution, money and power. It’s with this medium that UK policies and agreements addressing the fight against climate breakdown are infused into the landscapes, alluding to the contradictory actions and severe misalignment of one of the government's own bodies, UK Export Finance.

The short film aims to visualise the revealing of this contradiction. In the last decade billions have been spent on financing fossil fuel projects abroad, none of which count as a subsidy in the eyes of the government due to their restrictive definition. The film starts by giving pause to appreciate a serene UK landscape before the oil begins to envelope the scene. As time passes the landscape reappears, still visible, but bearing a permeant glaze of oil, which speaks to the already experienced effects of climate change. Government commitments and positive action now appears written across the land, aiming to provoke thought and consideration of the UK governments position that it’s a leader in the fight against climate breakdown.

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