About the Project

The UK Government rarely fails to assert its perception of leadership in the global fight against climate breakdown, yet between 2010 and 2017 it provided fossil fuel companies with £4.8 billion in support.

By providing guarantees and insurance, and occasionally direct loans, UK Export Finance exists to aid the UK economy, by facilitating export deals between UK manufacturers and services, and foreign businesses. UKEF deals have covered a range of areas, from aerospace technology, to the energy sector.

From a £1.52 billion line of credit with Saudi Aramco, to a £637 million deal with Brazilian oil giant Petrobras, UKEF has involved itself with a prestigious list of CO² producing companies. ‘Exporting is Great’ investigates the dichotomy between UK Government commitments and policy, and their contradictory actions through the UK Export Finance department. Using a number of visual strategies, I highlight the ways in which UKEF’s financing of the fossil fuel industry blatantly contradicts international objectives, and is in direct opposition to governmental claims.

Please refer to the online article that was produced in conjunction with the visualisations. This can be found here, and investigates the current UK government commitments and policies surrounding climate change, the scientific viewpoint and how things stand, and finally looks at UK Export Finance and how their actions are in direct opposition to national and international aims of tackling climate breakdown.

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